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Jodie Sweetin lays down her tits

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Like a heaping spoon of sugar that’s as saccharine as her name, here’s Jodie Sweetin’s sweet, naked body to take the bitterness out of your morning coffee. Despite her not-so-innocent past, here she is, the same, sweet-faced hottie we’ve known for so long on American television, but with the added kick of seeing her fully naked, with her tits and pussy open for public viewing.

I’ve always wondered how those tits of hers look like in full view, and by some stroke of luck, here she is, lifting them up your face. While I’m a bit grossed out that they’re mommy tits, with the areola spreading out agressively like some lactation invasion of the flesh, I’m still satisfied to see that they’re as big, fatty, and satisfyingly soft as I imagined them to be. Which is just the pair of tits we’d all like to suck on when we’re fucking ’em, right fellas? To the people who feel themselves drawn to Jodie Sweetin’s titty pictures, we’ve got the goods right here.